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Replace daily repeating blocks by breaks within working times
Replace daily repeating blocks by breaks within working times

If you used daily repeating blocks for breaks of your staff, you can replace them using the new breaks feature in the staff planner.

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The new staff planner allows you to schedule breaks within working times. We recommend you to adjust your times using this new feature. This makes it easier to set up or adjust your schedule in the future and gives a more clear overview in the planner.


In this situation, you used daily repeating blocks for breaks of your staff. You can get rid of the repeating block by only having one working time and including the break in it. This way, you only see one working time on each date, which makes the planner a lot more clear to view.

This only makes sense if you have a regular schedule that repeats every week. If you have a schedule with different times per week, it is a lot of work to manually change all existing times. In that case, we recommend to keep your scheduled times, and start using the new breaks feature for any new times that you plan in the future.



Start by removing the repeating block. You do this by clicking the repeating block. Now click "Delete". You can choose if you want to delete it only on this date or all future repetitions. In this case, we want to change the schedule for the upcoming period. Select "all future repetitions" and click "Delete".
Now the blocks (breaks) are removed, the next step would be to add breaks to the existing working times. To do this, click the working time on the start date. In this example, the working time is scheduled for every Monday. Click "add breaks" and select the times that should be included in the working times. Now, click "save" and again, select "all future repetitions". This way, the break will be added to the working times for every scheduled Monday.
Repeat this process for all other days. You'll see that additional clutter appears due to the breaks we've set up.

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