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Replace separate working times on each workday by one repeating working time
Replace separate working times on each workday by one repeating working time

If a staff member work the same hours every workday, you can use one working time that repeats every workday in the new staff planner.

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The new staff planner allows you to use more advanced repetitions. We recommend you to adjust your times using these new features. This makes it more easy to set up or adjust your schedule in the future, and gives a more clear overview in the planner.


In this situation, you used weekly repeating working times for staff members that work the same hours every workday (Monday to Friday). You can replace the five separate working times for the workdays by one working time which repeats every workday. This way, you don’t need to make adjustments five times separately if the schedule would change.



Start by choosing the correct working time that is repeated for the rest of the week. Keep this working time active. In this example, we choose Monday. We'll delete the working times for the rest of the week and start with Tuesday. Click the working time, select "delete" and click "all future repetitions". Repeat this process for the other working days except for Monday.

Next, click the working time on Monday and click "edit" behind "repetition". Select "Every workday (Monday-Friday)" and click "Ok". If applicable, add a break by clicking "add break", then select "all future repetitions".

The working time is now scheduled for Monday to Friday and will include a break. If you wish to change or edit the working times, you can do this from one working time instead of changing the individual working times.

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