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Start a video consultation

Once you've booked a video consultation, how do you start it?

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You can start a video consultation from the dashboard, directly from within a patient overview window or the calendar. 

From the dashboard, open the patient overview window. Select the video consultation appointment in the patient's appointments list. Now click on the video consultation button to start the session.

If you're in the calendar, click on the appointment. The appointment pop-up will open. Simply click on the video consultation button to start the session.


  1. We advise using a headset with a microphone to ensure optical audio quality during the call. 

  2. Use screen sharing during the video call to present your patient e.g. information, before- and after pictures, treatment information or graphs, treatment plans, etc. 

  3. If you wish to type in the patient's record during your video consultation, we advise you to use a laptop or desktop. Click on the pop-up icon in the right upper corner. We are currently working to make this also available in the iPad app.


Video chats will be active 15 minutes before the start time and 15 minutes after the end-time of the scheduled video chat appointment. So, for example, Videochat appointments between 13:00 and 14:00 will be active between 12:55 and 14:15.

When patients open de video chat link earlier, they will see a countdown on the screen, 60 minutes before it starts.

Camera & Microphone settings

Sometimes you need to activate your camera & microphone in the settings window on your iPad or iPhone. On your device go to Settings > Safari > Camera and to Settings > Safari > Microphone. Select Ask in the settings.

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