You may need to close your clinic for physical appointments for a period of time. However, you may still want to offer consultations over the phone, and accept bookings after the closing period. Using this workaround, you can set up services called “Consultation by phone”, and make them bookable through the online calendar up to a certain date, while disallowing bookings for other services during that period.

Note: Your subscription needs to allow multiple locations to use this workaround. Contact us if you need to upgrade.

Navigate to menu > Clinic settings > Locations and click the plus icon in the top right to add a new location. Give the location the name “By phone” to indicate that this location will be used for consultations over the phone. Give all relevant users access to the new location and press “Save”.

Now you can create one or more services for consultations over the phone that will be offered in the online scheduler. Navigate to menu > Clinic settings > Calendar > Services and click the plus icon in the top right to add a new service. Give the service a name like “Consultation by phone” or “Botox consultation by phone”. Scroll down to the new location “By phone”, enable consultations, and select the practitioners who will take the phone calls. You can add multiple services if you offer consultations over the phone for different kinds of treatments.

Finally, change the working hours for your practitioners. Navigate to menu > Planning > Working times. Remove all working times at your regular locations for the period that your clinic is closed, to prevent bookings of regular (physical) appointments. Then, add working times at the new “By phone” location for that period, to allow bookings of consultations by phone.

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