Treatments can be based and invoiced on a number of materials that are being used, like Botulinum Toxin or a dermal filler. On the other hand, a treatment could be based on a price, and the used materials like e.g., during small surgery do not result in a treatment price (e.g., a blepharoplasty has a certain price-tag regardless if you use 1-2 or 3 cloths during surgery).

To add a treatment, open record settings > treatment . Click the plus (+) icon in the right upper corner.

Choose whether you want to add a treatment based on material usage (e.g. a Botulinum Toxin treatment) or treatment with a certain price disregarding how many materials or products are used during the procedure (e.g. a Peeling or eyelid surgery).

Duplicate treatments

To add similar treatments you can use the duplicate button. Open an existing treatment and click on the duplicate button. Rename the new treatment, adjust the details if needed, and click on the Save button.

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