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Exporting Complete Patient File to PDF
Exporting Complete Patient File to PDF

Learn how to export all treatment records at once to a PDF file instead of single records.

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Clinicminds has introduced a simplified and efficient way to export complete patient files, including all records and details, into a single PDF document. This new feature is designed to enhance the accessibility and management of patient data by consolidating all relevant information into one easy-to-access file.

Overview of the New Export Feature

Previously, exporting patient data required accessing each record individually which was time-consuming, especially for patients with multiple visits. The new feature allows for exporting all data with a single click, significantly streamlining the process.

How to Use the Export Feature

Accessing the Export Option

  1. Navigate to the Patient Overview window: Go to the patient profile who's data you need to export.

  2. Select Export Data: Click on the "Export Data" button located typically at the bottom of the patient details page.

Choosing the Export Type

  • Patient Details Only: Select this option to export only the personal and demographic details of the patient as shown on the current screen.

  • Patient Details and All Records: Select this option to export both the patient details and all closed records associated with the patient.

Completing the Export

  1. Confirm the Selection: Choose between exporting just the patient details or the patient details with all records.

  2. Receive the Zip File: Upon selection, a zip file will be generated. This file includes the PDF of the patient details along with PDFs of each separate record.

  3. Extract the Zip File: Download and open the zip file to access the individual PDF files contained within.

Benefits of the New Export Feature

  • Efficiency: Reduces the clicks and navigational steps previously required to gather comprehensive patient data.

  • Convenience: Streamlines the data compilation process, making it faster and simpler to obtain a complete patient history.

  • Accessibility: Facilitates easy sharing and storage of complete patient records in a universally accessible PDF format.


The new feature for exporting complete patient files to PDF in Clinicminds is a significant improvement that enhances data management capabilities. By allowing healthcare providers to efficiently compile and export comprehensive patient histories with a single click, Clinicminds supports improved healthcare delivery and administrative efficiency. This feature is particularly useful for clinics dealing with high patient volumes or those requiring detailed record-keeping for compliance and quality assurance purposes.

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