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Why is SMS verification needed for online bookings?
Why is SMS verification needed for online bookings?

This article describes why Clinicminds' online booking system only works with SMS text messages verification

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The online booking system operates solely through SMS. We verify the identity of the individual making an appointment using their mobile phone number. For this purpose, we send a verification code exclusively via text messages.

Advantages of our online booking flow:

  • Standard verification systems using usernames and passwords are often user-unfriendly. The signup process requires customers to remember their login details for future use, which can be cumbersome and detracts from the customer journey. Furthermore, this approach is not optimal for conversions

  • By utilizing SMS verification, we also address the risk of fake appointments and enhance privacy and security compared to standard methods. Our system ensures that no personal information is disclosed. We use phone numbers and birth dates to match individuals in the patient database, preventing duplicate registrations and ensuring that the person booking is genuine.

  • By choosing this booking method, we can limit the number of fields to fill in during the online booking process. We only ask for essential information, ensuring the system remains user-friendly and allows patients to book quickly.

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