How to show/hide practitioner details on invoices

Learn how to show or hide the practitioner name on your clinics invoices.

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This article will show you how you can show/hide the practitioner’s name on invoices, and vice versa.

The picture below shows what an invoice looks like with a practitioner's name on display, should you find yourself not wanting this present on your invoices, then read on ahead to see how you can make it so.

To show/hide the practitioner’s name on the invoices, go to the in-app Menu > Record settings > Records > Record settings. From here, you should see this checkbox:

Simply click the checkbox to remove the check if you want to hide the practitioner’s name, and vice versa. And finally, don’t forget to hit save.

Note: If you want this change in setting to take effect on previous invoices, go to the payment tab of a treatment record, and you’ll see ‘Regenerate Invoice’ down below. (Note that this only affects the invoice of the treatment record you’re in)

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