Sometimes, a green 'Paid'-stamp is visible in your scheduled appointments in your calendar:

The stamp represents the patient's history. A similar stamp is visible in the (or some of the) history buttons of the patients.
This stamp/history is not linked to a specific category or treatment but applies to the whole patient. With this stamp, the status of the most recent treatment plan is visible.

Possible situations are:
• Unpaid - unpaid, unexpired, or approved/rejected quote

• Oustanding - full or partial outstanding invoice

• Paid - full paid invoice. Unused credit for treatments/products in the treatment plan.

When all (credit of) treatments and products of the treatment plan are used, the stamp disappears. If there is still a historical treatment plan with unused credit, the stamp will be visible.

You can use the history button in the patient file to get an overview of the patient's treatment plans (and their status). The unused credit will be visible here:

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