During a treatment, the practitioner can create a GP letter. This can be used to inform the patient’s GP about the treatment that was performed.

We recommend to first set up your GP letter settings.

To create or edit a GP letter, click the GP Letter button in the Treatment tab of a record:

A window will open where you can create or edit the GP letter:

Tick the top checkbox to create a GP letter for this record.

Below that, you can edit the GP letter text.
By default, the GP letter is generated from the clinic templates. When multiple treatments are performed at the same time, the treatment-specific texts are combined automatically.
When necessary, edit the GP letter text to add relevant information about the specific treatment of the patient.

Furthermore, you can choose to attach the treatment summary or operative report (if set up). When enabled, these documents will be included in the PDF that is generated for the GP letter.

Finally, you can choose to send the GP letter to the patient or GP. When sending the GP letter to the GP, you must enter the email address of the GP.

When sending the GP letter, a secured download button is used that remains valid for one week.
If the GP letter is sent to the patient, they have to enter their date of birth as verification.
If the GP letter is sent to the GP directly, the download page displays the patient’s name and birth day/month, and the GP has to enter the patient’s birth year as verification.

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