To add working hours to your calendar, choose ‘working times’ from the menu > planning. Next, choose the appropriate physician for whom you wish to add or edit the working hours.

Recurring working time

The application distinguishes between recurring working times and non-recurring working times.

Recurring working times occur weekly. This can be set indefinitely or with an end date. For example, when a physician repeatedly works on Monday, from nine until two o’clock, and at location 1, set this as a recurring working time, as you can see on this screen.

Note: It is possible to add multiple recurring working hours for one day. For example, when a physician works on Monday from nine until two o’clock at location 1, and from three till five o’clock at location 2.

To add a recurring working time click the ‘add’ button. Start by choosing the applicable day of the week. The start date will set automatically. Next, if applicable choose an end date. Define the working hours and the location. Finally click the save button.

Non-recurring working time

Non recurring working time is an incidental working time. For example, when a physician works freelance and you wish to plan single working days and hours. Also if a physician, who repeatedly works on Monday at location 1 and incidentally needs to work at location 2.

Note: It's possible to add a non recurring working time for the specific day and time at location 2. This will overrule the recurring working times. 

To set a non recurring working time, click the ‘add’ button. Next, select the appropriate day and month. Enter the working hours and location. Finish by clicking the save button.

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