Now that you’ve created users, you’re able to assign working times to these users. This step will make these users (practitioners) schedulable in the calendar.

To assign working times to these practitioners, open menu > planning > working times.

Click the applicable user. Next, choose if you wish to add recurring working times or non-recurring working times.

Momentarily there are two different working times you can add: single, non-recurring, working times and recurring working times.

Recurring working times are for example every Monday from 9 – 13 hours and Monday from 14 – 17 hours. (1-hour lunch in between). This setup is very convenient when the clinic is always open on Mondays.

When the schedule of the clinic is not as straightforward as in the example above, individual, non-recurring, working times are used to ‘open’ the calendar when needed.

Non-recurring working times

Non-recurring working times can also be added while using the calendar view.

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